My Hongkong-Macau Trip Part1-Hongkong

My recent trip was “Hong kong & Macau”
4 days 3 nights ( 2 nights in Hong kong , 1 night in Macau)

I and my sister took ferry from Macau airport to Hong kong
and took MTR (subway) to our hostel (Ah Shan Hostel) in Mongkok area

We started by big meal, big bowl of noodle but quite delicious
(Yes, I prefer Thai noodle hehe ^_^ )

Big bowl

Walk & shopping at Ladies Market around Mongkok area

Mongkok Area

Mongkok Area

On Sep 19, 2013 I was very lucky to join Mid-Autumn festival
at Causeway Bay area (victoria park)
Mid-Autumn festival

Beautiful Moon tonight

Mid-Autumn festival

Mid-Autumn festival

Mid-Autumn festival

Lanterns exhibition
Mid-Autumn festival

Mid-Autumn festival

Mid-Autumn festival

Mid-Autumn festival


Back to our hostel with happy moments in the carnival, we had dinner with street food
Love it!


walk around and see food shops


had lately breakfast with big meal


Visited Starbucks Concept Store. The shop is decorated in Hong Kong style

Starbucks concept store


Starbucks concept store

Hong Kong Taxi

HK taxi

Japanese style shop

Japanese style shop

Paper shop

paper shop

Brand name shops at Habour City ,Tsim Sha Tsui

brand name shop at Harbour City

Tried original Dim Sum at food republic zone, Tsim Sha Tsui

Dim Sum

Big MUJI shop at Harbour city , Tsim Sha Tsui

Big Muji shop

In the evening at victoria harbour

victoria harbour


I love mango!

Sweet Mango

Victoria Harbour at night.
The symphony of life show on everyday around 2PM



symphony of life lighting show at victoria harbour

Had small dinner with street food
Our dinner , Hong kong street food

Charging my new day with delicious foods




Last activity, buy some snacks back home.


Thanks for visiting my blog. The next blog will be in Macau



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